Photographer Montenegro Evgeniy Lisovoy

Milocer - a piece of paradise buried in verdure! This amazing place Alexey and Elena chose for the love story shooting. I'll tell you a little about this place.

Milocer is an extraordinarily beautiful beach area on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by the eponymous luxurious park.

In the past, it was the resting place of the Yugoslav royal family of the Karadjordjeviches.

Many exotic plants brought from different parts of the world still delight the eyes of tourists.

The path to the park from St. Stephen runs along the shady promenade, which offers magnificent views of the island and the sea, beating in waves on a rocky coast.

Here I spend a lot of photo sessions. After all, this wonderful place has everything you need for beautiful pictures - the azure sea, beautiful majestic mountains and lush greenery.

A walk in the park will bring you aesthetic pleasure, and a beautiful photos leave to my responsibility!